RDX F12 4ft / 5ft 3-in-1 Punch Bag & Mitts Black / Orange / Gray / White Set

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Filled-Unfilled: Filled
Punch Bag Length: 4 ft
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Product Description

Zero Impact G-Core patent pending punch bags are one of the specialty of RDX Sports. Made using two layers of Maya Hideà leather, the punch bag is known for its stability and resilience. The bag comes with dual-stitching and incorporates a heavy-duty Zippexà top closure to achieve maximum fill-potential. The punch bag comes with chrome steel chains and swivel and has TLF architectureà at the base for swing reduction.Pre-filled punch bags weights are as follow.

4ft Pre-filled Punch bag: Approx. 18 - 20 KG (Maximum Filling Capacity 40-50 KG)

5ft Pre-filled Punch bag: Approx. 20 - 22 KG (Maximum Filling Capacity 50 - 60 KG)

Same weight & filling capacity is recommended for the unfilled punch bags as well.


  • RDX Zero Impact G-Core twinned layer Maya Hideà leather built punch bag
  • The bag is available in 4ft (approx. 18- 20 kg) and 5ft (approx. 20-22kg).
  • Comes with free Chrome Steel chains swivel and professional bag gloves
  • Heavy duty Zippexà top closure ensures maximum fill potential
  • TLF architectureà at the base of the punching bag to ensure swing reduction
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Filled-Unfilled: Filled
Punch Bag Length: 4 ft