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RDX Icon 5 Nova Tech Boxing Sparring Gloves

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More About RDX Icon 5 Nova Tech Boxing Sparring Gloves

RDX Sports is the first to bring about the biggest change to the boxing glove since the inception of the Queensbury Rules, 150 years ago.

Today, we witness the merging of the past and present while unfolding the future of boxing training gloves.

RDX Sports believes in constantly innovating along with the sport and its athletes to ensure a product that keeps you safe while training and extends the time you spend doing what you love.

Championship level requires qualities that are unbreakable. Hence we created a glove that covers it all. A wrist-to-fist solution that rounds up all your punching woes and silences them through superior shock-absorption, and efficient design.

Nova Tech’s flat arc radial panel, coupled with our latest patent, the Teka-Tech impact buster, is designed to provide a snug, fist-hugging, shock-consolidating experience.

The hammer-head hull design breaks impact upon contact while the flat arc panel catches charged particles radially to blunt its force before reaching the body.

Jigsaw Lace System with the Mafe Strap add the finishing touch to fully support and efficiently transfer force through the wrist. The griplet add-ons coupled with the wrist-ridges wrap up any slack in the lace for a snug, customized feel.

Add-ons like the Faro pads, and Faro weights can be inserted into the ‘Kangaroo’ pocket to help bolster against shock-impact or increase your punching power by adding a few OZs to them.

These gloves were built to make Champions. It was made to get you to your Championship rounds. Place your hands in glory and express your inner fire.

Coat yourself in greatness – grace your knuckles with the finest pair of boxing craftsmanship ever created.

Be your Icon.

  • NOVA TECH Technology: The pinnacle of hand protection and padding is the result of a 150 years of combat sport competition. The world’s first ever radial shock-dispersal system which consolidates charged molecules dissipates force within the glove design.
  • Super Skin: Built using premium Super Skin combat leather that is designed to combat wear and tear with more resiliency than authentic cowhide leather itself.
  • TEKA Tech System: A patent technology that brings together an all-inclusive solution to wrist, knuckle injury and force transfer. Combining the aspects of the hook-and-loop and lace-up glove, this advanced fastening system goes above and beyond in terms of shock-dispersion, wrist-protection and a snug fit. This translates to more punches, and more time spent in the gym.
  • Tri Tech Closure System: A 3 tier fastening system that engages all aspects of shock-impact and force-transfer. Tri-Tech incorporates a failsafe technique to ICON 5 that minimizes shock-collection in weakest joint of the body, your wrists.
  • Jigsaw Lace Track System: Jigsaw Lace Track System crisscrosses throughout the design to ‘fall in place’, piecing together every bit space for a firm, snug and safe punching experience. Ridges on the cuff help tie up the glove efficiently in place.
  • Griplets: Griplet design enables easy tie-up function by taking up every bit of slack before ridging them across the cuff for efficient wrist-alignment.
  • MaFe Straps: When lacing up isn’t enough, it’s time to tweak the comfort for a short strap hook-and-loop to ensure safety of form and provide additional wrist-support.
  • Special Edition TadBox: We’re trying to make a statement. This IS the biggest innovation in boxing glove history, and such a feat requires its own box.
  • Kangaroo Pocket: Never done before. The latest in boxing innovation incorporates a pocket that fits:
  • 4mm, 6mm and 8mm FARO padding that can be inserted for additional protection against stray shots when sparring.
  • 10oz, 20oz and 30oz FARO weight helps you pack a punch! The inserts serve as the perfect training add-on.  


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