RDX W1 Women Sweat Vest Without Zipper

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Color: Black
Size: S
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Master any workout with the RDX Women's Sweat Vest. Prioritising eco-friendliness (REACH OEKO-TEX 100!)It triggers a 5x sweat cascade through Heat Suit, Tech's blue lining, sculpting your physique while maximising heat retention for efficiency. Experience uninhibited movement with the form-fitting embrace, enhance visibility with reflective accents, and conquer everything from HIIT to daily activities!

  • REACH and OEKO-TEX 100 for and environment friendly sweat sessions.
  • Our innovative Heat Suit, Technology includes Instant Sweat, Fabric's unique blue lining that traps heat inside and boosts sweat output 5x.
  • Form-fitting, stretchable fabric allows comfort and unrestricted movement.
  • Reflective front logo and back stripe render visibility in the dark.
  • Anti-slip spandex piping maintains shape and elevates performance.
  • Tailored neck design looks great.
  • Ideal for multiple workouts, from jogs to boxing, and even daily chores.
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      Color: Black
      Size: S


      What is Women Sweat Vest?

      The women’s sweat vest is a form-fitting fitness garment without a zipper, that also contains Heat Suit technology to enhance heat retention and promote sweating during intense workouts.

      What are the key benefits of a women's sweat vest for workouts?

      The women’s sweat vest enhances the result of workouts by increasing the rate of sweating, maximizing water weight loss, and retaining heat to boost workout results.

      How to find the right size?

      This women’s sweat vest is a snug-fitting fitness garment that is designed to fit a variety of body sizes. However, for the best fit, check out the size chart for the most appropriate variation.

      What kinds of styles do women's sweat vests come in?

      The women’s sweat vest comes in 2 major styles, one that includes a zipper and one that does not.

      Is it good for running and exercising?

      Yes, the sweat vest is an excellent choice of activewear for exercising, especially for cardio-intensive activities like running.

      Special features for women's sweat vests?

      Aesthetic styling, secure fit, mobility-enhancing comfort, and heat retention are just a few of the advantages. See more in the product descriptions.

      What type of activities are women's sweat vests suitable for?

      The women’s sweat vest is suitable for all forms of exercise, including but not limited to running, weightlifting, aerobics, yoga, Zumba, and much more.

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